Reasons to give

Kids Help Phone’s innovation saves lives. With your support, more young people in every community across Canada can access the help they need, in the way they need it most.

For over 30 years, Kids Help Phone has been the one and only place youth know, trust and can go to any time, day or night. Your support will help ensure each and every young person in Canada can get trusted help in their moments of need.

Why should I give to Kids Help Phone?

Every day, over 1,000 youth reach out to Kids Help Phone in times of need. The top five issues they’re connecting with us about include:

In the last four years, counselling sessions about suicide have increased by 99%. And that’s not all. We now conduct four to six active rescues (when we help a young person in a moment of crisis or imminent risk by engaging first responders) per day through our texting service.

Your support can help youth access the help they need — when they need it most — through phone, Live Chat and text.

For more information about how your support can make a difference in a young person’s life, check out our 2018 Impact Report.

What are other supporters’ reasons for giving?

Here, some of our supporters share what inspires them to support young people in Canada.

“I support Kids Help Phone because they supported me when I needed it most. When I was an extremely vulnerable young person, Kids Help Phone was always there for me as a voice in the darkness. They possibly saved my life and I will always try to do whatever I can to support their efforts.”
— Linda, Kids Help Phone donor

“I’m 65 now, and have been happily married since I was 19. Still, it has taken all this time for me to get over the anguish of my abusive childhood. I wish that Kids Help Phone had been around in the 1960s when I was so depressed and lonely. I give so that kids can get help now, and so that fewer people will spend their whole lives trying to ‘get over’ the misery of their early years.”
— Lauri, Kids Help Phone donor

With your help, every young person in Canada will access the support they need in the way they need it most. Become a Kids Help Phone donor today to show up for youth mental health!

What motivates you to support youth mental health? Share your story and let others know why it’s important for young people to have safe, non-judgmental spaces to turn for help.