You can help more youth access Live Chat counselling

“I’ve had quite the week, like it’s been a real bad week and I just need to talk with someone who won’t judge me.”

After the sudden loss of her beloved grandmother, Avery turned to self-harm. She started to think that if she could take her own life, the pain would end. That’s when she reached out to Kids Help Phone.

That confidential conversation was the light Avery needed to get through – and you can help more kids have those life-saving conversations with your gift!

Your donation to Kids Help Phone will have a life-changing impact on youth by:

  • Helping expand Live Chat, where some of the most serious conversations happen
  • Rolling out a new crisis texting service to young people from coast to coast
  • Strengthening 24/7 support, however a young person chooses to ask for help


Thank you for being a champion for young people in Canada!