Resources Around Me search tips

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    Looking for help finding services using Kids Help Phone’s Resources Around Me tool? Check out the search tips below!

    How do I search for resources?

    1. Enter your location on the Resources Around Me landing page or select “Use my current location.”
    2. Choose to search by either “Support type” or “Keyword.”
      • If you choose “Support type,” you can use the dropdown menus to select support types from the lists available.
      • If you choose “Keyword,” you can use the free-text field to type in your own words to describe the service(s) you’re looking for.
    3. Select if you’re looking for in-person support at a “Physical location” or virtual support through a “Hotline.” To view all available resources, select both boxes. Click the “Find support programs and services” button.
    4. Scroll up and down to see the list of resources available to you.
      • Tip: If you’re using the mobile version of Resources Around Me, click “Show map” to see resources with physical locations pinned. Hotlines will only be listed and not pinned on the map.
    5. Zoom or drag the displayed map to view the resources available to you. Results will display on the map and the list as you move around.
    6. Click a pin on the map to view resource details such as phone number, website and address.
    7. Click on the program/service in the list to display full details about the resource.

    I can’t find what I’m looking for!

    If you need help finding services on Resources Around Me, the tips below may be useful during your search. If you don’t find the service(s) you’re looking for, you can call or text us for support and help finding resources nearest you.

    Search by keyword

    When searching by keyword, Resources Around Me looks for matching words in either the resource name or description. Here are some things you can try to optimize your keyword(s):

    • check the spelling of your keywords
    • try a different keyword (e.g. instead of “help,” try writing the type of help you want, such as “counselling”)
    • try a different keyword in your search (e.g. instead of typing “I need counselling,” just try “counselling”)

    Some examples of keywords include:

    • youth shelter
    • Friendship Centre
    • resume help
    • support group
    • immigration service
    • eating disorder
    • self-injury
    • vaping
    • grief and loss counselling
    • legal aid

    Save your favourites

    When looking at resources in the list view, you can save your favourite resources by clicking the star next to the resource’s name. To view your favourite resources, click the star on the upper right side of your screen. This favourites page will show the resources you’ve added during your search. You also have the option to email or download your list of favourite resources. This list will not be saved if you leave the tool or close your browser tab or window.