When you can't talk about it, text about it.

Our confidential texting service is free and available across Canada 24/7.

Text us at 686868

Whats on your mind, I am here to help, I am so glad you reached out


Depression. Anxiety. Stress. Abuse. Thoughts of suicide. Sometimes, we may want help with something on our mind, but we’re not sure how to get started. And if we’re dealing with an issue we find hard to talk about, like a crisis, it can be tough to say it out loud.

When you’re seeking mental health supports and your feelings need a place to go, we’re here for you. With Kids Help Phone’s texting service, you can connect with a trained, volunteer crisis responder for support any time, about anything, via text message.

Our texting service is free and available across Canada 24/7 when you don’t want to talk but need to let your feelings out without judgement. You don’t need a data plan, internet connection or an app to use it.  Your texting conversation with a crisis responder is confidential. To find out more about what that means, you can review our texting service’s Privacy Policy.

What happens when I text?

To start using the texting service, text CONNECT to 686868. The first few texts you receive will be automated messages from Kids Help Phone giving you more information about the service and our Privacy Policy.

After that, you’ll be connected to a volunteer crisis responder who can talk to you about any issue — big or small. You can end the conversation at any time by texting the word STOP. (This means that we won’t send you any more messages unless you text again.)

How does it work?

(Close up of a generic phone screen)

(A messaging app is on the screen and text pops up)

Sometimes it’s tough to keep it all in.

(A message pops up on the screen “Hey, can we talk?”)

(A second and third message pops up. Messages increase in frequency until the screen is filled with message bubbles)

Is this normal?

I feel so alone

I think they’re splitting up

I don’t know how to tell them…

I can’t stop thinking about it

Why are they doing this?

Should I go all the way?

(The messages overlap and begin to blur)

It’s understandable if life starts to feel overwhelming. It’s okay not to be okay.

(Messages on the screen continue to overlap)

It just makes me so ANGRY!

I’ve tried everything…

Who AM I?

The envelope said “Final Notice”

I saw it on the news…I’m scared

It’s just too much

Where could I go?

I just want it to STOP

(The phone screen cracks and goes black)

Sometimes it can help to let it out.

(A phone screen enters the frame in the foreground of a living room with subdued colours)

(Close up view of the phone screen and a user enters the text CONNECT)

Kids Help Phone is here to support you. Anywhere in Canada, any time, about anything.

(Text exchange between a crisis responder and young person)

(Young person shares experience with a recent break-up)

Text 686868 or contact us through Facebook Messenger to reach a trained volunteer crisis responder. If you’re Indigenous, you can ask to be connected with a First Nations, Inuk or Metis crisis responder (if one’s available) by texting the words FIRST NATIONS, INUIT or METIS.

(Cycle of a series of locations; classroom, community centre, bush party, kitchen, mall)

Text anywhere in Canada, any time, about anything.

Once you text in, you’ll receive a few automated messages about the service and your privacy. Then you’ll be connected with a real person — a trained volunteer crisis responder.

Trained volunteer crisis responder

(Blurred text messages are on screen and back and forth conversation continues)



For Everyone


Kids Help Phone’s 24/7 texting service is free, and it’s for everyone. What you tell us is private — it’s between you and Kids Help Phone unless your safety or someone else’s is at risk. If that happens, we may be able to connect you with emergency services.

(A nurse smiles warmly on the screen)

I’m here to support you.

A crisis responder will help you move from a hot moment to a cool calm.

(An overlaid icon of a sad face in red transitions to a calm, slightly smiling, yellow-green face)

If at any time you’d like to end the conversation, you can type STOP.

You’re welcome to text again whenever you need support.

(Close up on phone and a warm, yellow light fills the screen)

(Conversation between a young person and crisis responder continues)

Thanks. You really helped me get through this night.

You’re welcome. We’re here to support you. Have a good night.

(Kids Help Phone logo rises from the bottom of the screen)

At Kids Help Phone, we’re always here to support you.

(End slide with information to reach out to Kids Help Phone’s Crisis Text Line)

You can follow these three instructions to connect with a volunteer crisis responder!

Step One Icon
1. Text CONNECT to 686868 from anywhere in Canada, any time, about anything.
Step Two Icon
2. A volunteer crisis responder receives the text and lets you know they’re here to listen.
Step Three Icon
3. The volunteer crisis responder will support you to navigate whatever you’re experiencing.

No issue, feeling, or concern is too big or too small to contact a volunteer crisis responder about. For everything you can’t tell anyone, you can let it out through text. Connect with us any time.