“People began teasing me about puberty in grade 4.”

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Hi, right now I’m 13 years old. I got my period when I was in the 5th grade, a month or two before my 11th birthday. People began teasing me about puberty in grade 4, including the development of breasts and I was quite a bit heavier than the rest of the kids. I thought I was really fat cuz sometimes even my 2 (former) best friends teased about my butt being big. I hated it, and no one talks about their periods so I don’t know who has it and who doesn’t. Am I the ONLY one with a period? Am I abnormal to have my period at age 10??


It is nice to hear from you I am glad you have shared your feeling with me. I can understand your concern about starting your period before your friends but don’t worry it is perfectly normal. Some girls will start early and some will start late so you really don’t want to compare yourself with your friends. I mean it is impossible for all your girlfriend to start there periods at the same time. Booksrule everyone develops at there own rate and as long as you are healthy is what really counts. In time your girlfriends will catch up with your development and may begin to understand what you are going through. Your friends may even ask you for advice as there first period approaches. So have no worries you are normal and going through a normal process of life your peers will go through as well. Your period is also your own personal business, now if you want to share that with others that is up to you. So don’t ever feel obligated to answer personal questions from peers unless of course you feel it is a close and trusted friend and you want to share with them. I hope my reply helps If you need continued support on this or any other issue, Kids Help Phone is here for you. Bye for now.