Stars of the night, Stars of our life

By: Rukshika
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Have you ever taken a moment to stop what you were doing and look at the night sky? At first, you feel as if you are surrounded by darkness but when you take a moment to stop you realize that there’s more. You look up to see the glowing moon and the twinkling stars. The darkness doesn’t seem so bad anymore because if it weren’t for the darkness you wouldn’t have been able to appreciate the beautiful nature of our world.

Sometimes we get into a state of darkness in our life. We feel like all hope is lost and feel like giving up on trying to make our life feel like it matters. But you know what, you are never only surrounded by darkness. Just like the night sky there are beams of light in our life. This light never goes away you just need to look for it.

For some of us it’s our relationships; friends, family, people who love you, people who will always be there for you. They’re like stars. They are always there but you realize their true worth when they help you. When you feel like all hope is lost like shooting stars they pick up your spirits and grant your wish. But they can only help you grant your wish if you ask them. Needing help isn’t a weakness but asking for it when you need it is a strength.

For some of us the stars in our life are our hobbies. Reading, writing, singing, dancing, playing an instrument to name a few. Sometimes we just need to do something we love to feel that hope arise from within.

For some of us the stars in our life are created from self-reflection. Reflecting on how amazing of a person you are. Understanding that you are worthy of love, respect and care. Even if life is tough reflect on the ability you have to overcome it because you can do anything.

So the next time you feel like you are engulfed by darkness look up at the night sky. Use it as a reminder to look for the sources of light in your life and know that you were never truly in darkness. You just sometimes need the help of the beacons of light in your life to carry you out of the darkness. You are never alone, find that someone or something that is the beacon of light in your life.




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