Supporting Arabic-speaking youth

Kids Help Phone offers 24/7 e-mental health support to all young people across Canada. All of our services are free and confidential.

With generous support from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), we’re piloting offering our phone counselling service in Arabic, facilitated by Arabic-speaking interpreters, for a period of six months. Here, you can learn more and discover ways to share the service with Arabic-speaking youth.

This service is available to all Arabic-speaking youth in Canada (regardless of legal status). This includes Syrian refugees, newcomers and other kids, teens and young adults across Canada who prefer to receive support in Arabic.

Kids Help Phone’s support for Arabic-speaking youth is available for a trial period over the phone from May to October 2020.

According to Statistics Canada, over 25,000 Syrian refugees came to Canada between 2015 and 2016 (and growing!). A high number of these refugees were young, especially when compared to other countries. And more than half were not familiar with English or French. We also know that refugees and newcomers to Canada may experience unique challenges and struggles.

Through this service, we’re empowering Arabic-speaking youth in Canada to reach out for support. We’re offering them a safe, trusted, non-judgmental space to talk and receive e-mental health support from a professional in a language they’re more comfortable speaking.

Kids Help Phone’s support for Arabic-speaking youth is being delivered over the phone by professional counsellors and Arabic-speaking interpreters.

During a conversation, our non-judgmental counsellors listen, ask questions and help young people find next steps together. They can also refer youth to other helpful resources and community services where they live.

The Arabic-speaking interpreters are trained to understand and translate the conversation between Arabic-speaking youth and our counsellors accurately.

From May to October 2020, young people can call Kids Help Phone in Arabic through an interpreter.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The young person calls Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868
  2. They’ll hear a message in English welcoming them to Kids Help Phone
  3. They’ll press “3” for service in Arabic
  4. A counsellor will connect with the young person and an Arabic-speaking interpreter to start the conversation

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You can share your feedback or questions with Kids Help Phone about our support for Arabic-speaking youth by using our contact form.