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Did you know that anxiety is one of the top issues that kids talk to Kids Help Phone about? If you’re feeling anxious, you’re not alone. Because so many kids reach out to Kids Help Phone about anxiety, we asked real kids about their experience. Check out the video below to learn how real kids cope with feelings of worry or anxiety.

How does anxiety feel and how can I cope with it?

You may feel anxiety in your body or notice it in how you’re thinking or acting. It can include feeling nervous, panicked, afraid of making a mistake, worried something is going to happen and more. There are many helpful ways to calm and ground yourself when you experience anxiety. Things to try include:

Learn more about anxiety

Get tools to support with feeling anxious

Whenever you notice yourself feeling anxious, there are things you can do and tools you can use to feel better. Kids Help Phone is here to support you any time day or night with whatever’s on your mind. Our professional counsellors and volunteer crisis responders know that it’s courageous to reach out for help. To learn how other young people cope with anxiety, visit the Peer-to-Peer community forums at Kids Help Phone.

Kids Help Phone would like to thank all the youth who appear in this video, as well as Professor Alina Kislenko from The ADHD & Spectrum Centre for their contributions to this video.

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