“Where exactly does pubic hair grow?”

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This question was submitted to Kids Help Phone by a young person and answered by one of our professional counsellors.


Whats up, i wrote b4 and you guys gave some decent answers so i have more questions firstly. 1. When my penis is erect it is impossible for me to role my foreskin back, and when it is flaccid it is pretty difficult, and when i try to clean the head of my penis it is super sensetive n when it comes in with anything it feels like there is alot of friction when even a water flows on it, is this normal? and how can i make it less sensetive. 2. I still think im small for my age im 16, and when erect my penis is onli (edit), i was wondering if you knew of anyway to make it larger, or if like there is anythign that i am doing that stuns the growth (like you know how lifting weights, and coffe stuns your height, is their anything that might be stuning my penis growth?) 3. where exactly does pubic hair grow, does it grow on your tights and on your balls? is the point where i am at in pubic hair growth refelct my penis size? e.g. liek my penis isn’t at its full size until there is pubic hair on my tights n stuff? liek right now i have no hair on my tights or ball sack. 4. seriously im 5’11, 16 years old, n when erect my penis is onli (edit), i need to know if it will still grow or not i know i asked this b4, but the kph person said there is a chance that it will not, do you hav any liek stats or netin. sry for the long, unorganized question i have. thanks for answerin


Great questions you’re bringing up here!! I’m glad that you’re writing to us about this… the best way to figure this stuff out is to ask, right? Here we go!! 1. People generally grow up until they’re about 18-21 years. Sometimes, people even grow up until they’re 25 years old! So, it doesn’t surprise me that your penis would be sensitive because you’re still growing. There’s some good news for you! Have there been other parts of your body that have gotten itchy or sore? These are called growing pains. The same sort of thing happens to your penis. So, even though your penis might be a little more sensitive (and not necessarily itchy or sore), I would still consider them growing pains. More appropriately, maybe we can call them growing sensations. 2. When you’re talking about thinking you’re small for your age, I’m assuming you’re talking about your penis. Drinking coffee and working out too much while you’re still in puberty won’t have an effect on stunting your penis size. If you’re concerned about this, I want to encourage you to talk to your doctor about it. And also keep in mind that you’re still growing. 3.  Pubic hair can grow in many places, including on your thighs or on your testicles. People grow at all different paces and different parts of your body will develop at different times. It also depends on the individual. So, there aren’t any rules for penis size relating to hair growth. 4. It sounds like the size of your penis is really on your mind. I want to encourage you to talk to your doctor about this. I hope this helps to clear things up for you!! Keep in touch with us and take care!