Toxic times

By: Sage
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Life is hard.i know that first all started three years ago when i was told i had a ‘perfect life’ by one of my close friends.over the summer i did barely anything.i ignored friends.didn’t reach out.and didn’t really take care of forward to the next year.i started getting anxious over simple things a lot more (ex.hobbies, tests, sports, body).then drama happened where i got bullied and my friend had inbetween my two cases (last year and a few months ago) and i got mad and over-reacted and sent something to the bully online.the bully then got about half my friends on their side (including the bullied friend). I lost some of my few friends at school.i’ve become better and am slowly does get better.i know first hand.don’t wait to be happy.its not worth happy now.



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