7 ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day if you’re single

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Here are some ways to enjoy yourself on February 14.

Valentine’s Day isn’t only about dating, chocolate and roses. February 14 is also a day to celebrate all of the loving relationships in your life, from friends to family. If you’re not in a dating relationship on Valentine’s Day this year, here are some ways to enjoy yourself on February 14:

1. Hand out valentines

Whether you’re single or in a dating relationship, you can still take part in Valentine’s Day celebrations. Handing out valentines to your friends, classmates, siblings or co-workers can be a lot of fun and a great way to make someone feel good. You can pick up valentines at a local retail store or try making your own with craft supplies. (You could also bake or bring in a special treat to share — cupcakes are always a hit!)

2. Hang out with loved ones

Just because you may not be in a dating relationship, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the other positive bonds in your life. Spend some time with your family, friends and anyone else you love to let them know how much you care about them. You could:

  • go out for dinner
  • host a theme party
  • have a sleepover
  • go dancing
  • play board games
  • stay in and relax
  • cook a big meal

February 14 can also be a great day to try reconnecting with an old friend. Consider reaching out to someone you’d like to get in touch with again by phone, email or social media.

3. Enjoy being single

Don’t forget — there are many upsides to being single. Firstly, you get to do whatever you want to do on Valentine’s Day. Being single also means you can concentrate on what makes you happy, be more flexible with how you spend your time/money and make all of your own decisions. Take a moment to enjoy the added freedom and independence that comes with being single.

4. Focus on you

Like any other day, February 14 can be a good time to practice self-acceptance, work on your self-esteem and think about being more hopeful. You can make a list of the things you’re good at, what you’re most proud of so far and what your goals are. Doing these activities can help you improve your relationship with yourself and remind you that it’s OK to be single. Be kind to yourself!

5. Treat yourself

Is there a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to do something you love? Here’s some inspiration to get you thinking about how you’d like to spend the day:

  • watch your favourite movie/TV show
  • read a good book
  • take a bubble bath
  • shop for something you’ve been saving for
  • indulge in your favourite food
  • take a day trip to your favourite place
  • write in a journal
  • paint or draw
  • dance to your favourite album

6. Remember, it’s just another day

Everyone has different opinions on (and preferred ways to spend) Valentine’s Day. Some people are more into celebrating it than others. It may help you to remember that February 14 is just another 24 hours that will come and go. You don’t have to participate in the festivities if you don’t want to — it’s OK to maintain your regular routine as if it’s any other day.

7. Get support

If you’re feeling really down on Valentine’s Day (or any other day of the year), it’s important to get support. Talking about things can help — you can reach out to a friend, relative, counsellor or teacher. You can also contact a Kids Help Phone counsellor 24/7 at 1-800-668-6868.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about dating relationships. Celebrating the other loving relationships in your life, especially the one with yourself, is a great way to spend February 14.

Need more information or support? You can contact Kids Help Phone 24/7.