Mental health chats with friends: You’re not alone

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Demetri’s about to have a difficult talk with his parents, but isn’t sure how to do it. Zoey is frustrated how social media’s making her feel lately. Tabitha isn’t feeling like herself and doesn’t understand why. Sometimes, it can be hard figure out why you feel the way you do and find comfort in talking to others about what’s going on. In the videos below, join five friends in their group chats discussing mental health topics many of us experience. You may feel supported in what you’re going through right now and/or get some tips for sharing resources with your friends!

Tech tip: if possible, we recommend viewing these videos on a mobile device or tablet so you feel like you’re part of the group chat.

Kids Help Phone would like to thank the Respect Group for creating their videos featuring Kids Help Phone resources.

Mental health chat: “ever get the feeling of something being off?”

Resources in the chat

Anxiety & stress chat: “your basic 2-headed monster”

Resources in the chat

Do you feel like you want to have a confidential conversation with a real person right now? Check out our e-mental health services to get support with whatever’s on your mind.

Difficult convo chat: “don’t really want to, but need to”

Resources in the chat

Self-image comparison chat: “this is real, that’s not”

Resources in the chat

Everyone experiences mental health challenges from time to time. Connecting with a friend, family member, safe adult and a community of support can help to process what you’re going through.