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Whether it’s holding hands, making out or having sex, it’s important to get consent! That way, everyone is on the same page and having fun together.

Kids Help Phone’s video goes over some basics about consent. However, this information is just the beginning! Before and throughout sexual activity (or any other physical interaction), everyone involved needs to communicate their boundaries and ask about (and respect!) others’ limits. Just because someone gave their consent to do something in the past, doesn’t mean they want to do it in the future. And, it’s always OK for anyone to change their mind at any time.

For more in-depth information on consent, check out our consent article and our consent quiz. You can also talk to a safe adult or reach out to a sexual health clinic if you have any questions or concerns.

Click to play video below!

[A generic image of a bedroom with Kids Help Phone’s logo appears. Animated birds and bees hold up a banner that says, “What is consent?”]

Hugging? Making out? Having sex? You need consent!

[Peanut butter and jelly sandwich illustrations hold up note cards]

When people engage in physical or sexual activity, they have to agree to what’s happening. This is called giving consent.

[Speech bubbles appear that say, “Yes!” “Oui!” “This is okay!” “Yeah!”]

Unsure if you have consent? Try these:

[Peanut butter and jelly sandwich illustrations with speech bubbles appear]

“I really want to kiss you, is that OK?”

“Are you OK with this?”

“Can I keep going?”

So, if someone doesn’t say NO, do I have consent?

[Animated birds and bees hold up different speech bubbles]

Not quite! Just because someone doesn’t say NO out loud, doesn’t mean they’re OK with what’s happening.

Sexual activity isn’t consensual if a person:

  • is impaired by drugs/alcohol

[animations of drugs and alcohol appear]

  • is sleeping or unconscious

[animations of zs and moons appear]

  • changes their mind from a ‘yes’ to a ‘no’

[an animated traffic light appears]

  • says ‘yes’ to one thing but ‘no’ to another

[a mobile phone with a person swiping appears]

  • is intimidated or threatened

[various icons and emojis appear]

[Animated birds and bees appear on screen]

Remember, pressuring someone to do something they don’t want to do is never OK.

Getting enthusiastic consent before any sexual activity means both people are on the same page and having fun together.

Ready to get physical?

[Animated checkboxes appear on screen]

Everyone’s into it?

Asked for consent?

Everyone said yes?


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