“I really hate my body.”

This question was submitted to Kids Help Phone by a young person and answered by one of our professional counsellors.


Hi I really want to be skinny people have told me Im skinny but I don’t really feel that way I mean I really hate my body.When I look in the mirror I see something that most people don’t .. a fat kid. I tried being bulimic but it was to hard and anorexia wasn’t for me. I’m really into fashion and modelling and Im in a modelling agency and I don’t want to look fat or ugly for them and I feel that being skinny would make me look prettier.I don’t want to be like super skinny like those anorexia but model skinny would be nice. Its just that there is a lot of pressure to be thin these days I just really don’t want to be fat or ”normal”. I feel that ”normal” isn’t good enough for me. I’ve wanted to try diet pills … are they good or bad please explain??? PLEASE HELP


Be careful. You are treading in dangerous waters. This idea of being “skinny” is something that can consume a person, to the point where they put their health in danger. Nothing is worth risking your health over. Many young girls will try to achieve this notion of being “model skinny”, only to find that they can never be skinny enough. Before they know it, an eating disorder has developped, and life is spiralling out of control. Please be careful. What you see in the mirror, it’s good, it’s special, it you, it’s enough. Diet pills should only be used when a doctor prescribes them. A doctor will only prescribe them to people who are seriously obese. This is not you. There can be some very serious and dangerous side effects that are accompanied with diet pills. Here are some of them: -nervousness -tremors -bulging eyes -racing heartbeat -raised blood pressure -fever -hair loss -depression -diarrhea -unexpected accidents in your pants -heart failure I would rather focus on why the person that you see in the mirror isn’t good enough. Why do you want to be “model skinny”, how would that make life better? You can be into fashion, and model, and still be healthy. You don’t have to conform to someone elses notion of what is beautiful. You are at your most beautiful, when you are healthy. That’s what really shines through. Hope this has helped. Write back anytime. Bye for now.

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