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Are you searching for fun and / or meaningful tools and resources to support your wellness? Kids Help Phone’s games room is a space where you can explore interactive well-being activities to help you build your skills, learn new things and work on your mental and emotional health in a way that feels best for you.

You don’t need coins, credits or tokens to play in Kids Help Phone’s games room! These practical tools and activities are free and can be used along your wellness journey any time, anywhere. We want to let you know the resources in this space cover a variety of topics, ranging from fun and relaxing to more serious and challenging. And the level of effort you need to put in (in order to get the most out of each activity) may vary. We have quizzes to test your knowledge, tools to help you express yourself, breathing exercises to help you calm down and more!

To start, you may want to choose a time / space that’s soothing for you and free of distractions so you can focus on the well-being activities you’re interested in. These interactives are self-directed, so it may also be helpful to know who’s available in your community of support, including Kids Help Phone, in case you’d like to talk anything through during / after an activity, including your physical and emotional safety.

You can tap on the resources below to explore Kids Help Phone’s games room! When you select a resource from a dropdown, you’ll be directed to a new page to start the well-being activity.






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Other well-being activities

Are you seeking additional well-being activities, tools and games to continue your wellness journey? You can check out the following resources to keep practising mindfulness, identifying feelings, working on self-care and more:

Finding creative ways to navigate your wellness journey, however that journey unfolds, can be helpful in learning more about yourself, building your skills and more. You can keep exploring Kids Help Phone’s site for more information on taking care of yourself whenever you’d like!