Back to school in 2021: 50+ student wellness resources

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Going back to school in 2021 is going to feel different for students across Canada. As COVID-19 health and safety guidelines continue / change, so may your feelings about your safety, education, interests, friends and other things going on in your life… Here, Kids Help Phone shares 50+ wellness resources for you to use as you navigate your feelings about school this season.

Young people are starting a new school year in communities from coast to coast to coast. And Kids Help Phone is hearing from youth that they’re feeling a lot of emotions about going back to school. They may be experiencing:

We want to let you know that however you’re feeling, you’re not alone, especially as you think about what the new school year may be like for you. We also want to remind you that it’s common to feel more stress during new, uncertain or difficult times. It’s important to be kind to yourself (downloadable tips from School Mental Health Ontario), and remember that if intense emotions are taking over your life / causing other concerns for you, you can reach out and get support if / when you need it.

Students across Canada who are going back to school in 2021 (either at a distance or in person) can explore the following wellness tips, tools and resources for:

Do you feel like you want to have a confidential conversation with a real person right now? Check out our e-mental health services to get support with going back to school and more.

Keep reading for more student wellness resources for going back to school in 2021!

No matter how you’re feeling about going back to school in 2021, you’re not alone. Reaching out and talking to someone about your feelings and situation is the first step to feeling better. We’re here to help during this time (and always)!

If you’re an adult seeking ways to support a young person in your life, you can check out our resources for caring adults.

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